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Full Body Skin Hydrator/Toner Infused with CBD (Liquid Gold)

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CBD Full Body Skin Hydrator / Toner

CBD is living up to the hype by making its presence in many kinds of products for promoting wellness. Tinctures, pills, gummies, drinks, creams, or lotions, you can have this herbal supplement in any form that pleases you the most. Advancing in the same line of innovation, now you can reap the benefits of CBD through a Full Body Skin Hydrator/Toner and give your skin a complete package of relaxation and protection from the outside bacterial or fungi.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD is the outstanding ingredient that occurs as one of the rarest cannabinoids on the 'Cannabis Sativa' with the harmless concentration of THC (less than 0.3%), making it free from legal high. This organic underdog has plenty of health improving properties like being an excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial agent. Apart from these, it can relax the muscles, bones, and nerves from chronic pains and is also a powerful antioxidant.

How is CBD Skin Hydrator prepared?

The extract of CBD is infused in other skin-embracing compounds like glycerine and a few other anti-inflammatories and hydrating ingredients that help for the upliftment of the skin. The CBD used is that from the industrial hemp legalized by the States' federal law.

What are the benefits of Full Body Skin Hydrator/Toner?

Toners are an integral part of a healthy skin routine as these chiefly function as a defender of the skin pores by closing them. This helps your skin maintain the natural oils and saves it from catching the external viruses, bacteria, dirt, and other impurities that can disturb your skin intensely. This hydrator imbued with Cannabidiol restores the skin by fixing all that is going wrong, making your skin, soft, smooth, radiant, and safe from infections.

The following mentioned list will clear you on what all treatments can CBD infused body toner opens up for you-
  • 1. Eczema
  • 2. Sunburns
  • 3. Acnes
  • 4. Psoriasis
  • 5. Irritations and redness on the skin
  • 6. Rashes
  • 7. Muscle pains
  • 8. Anti-aging

Everlasting Life CBD Full Body toner Questions and Answers

Is CBD-infused Body Toner safe to use?

The cannabidiol toners are very organic for the skin and have no ill effects unless you are using it along or over some other medicated cream or lotion that might react negatively with CBD. in such cases, discuss with your dermatologist. Also, there can be some exceptional sensitive skin that would not feel that great to this hydrator and that is why we recommend a patch test before including it in your daily skin routine.

Is Full Body CBD Skin Hydrator better than CBD Oil?

If you are looking for basic skin protection from the harmful viruses, microbes, and bacteria along with giving your skin the daily dose of hydration it needs then this toner is the perfect pick up but if you are looking for a severe inner treatment for your body like migraine, psoriasis or feeling an instant pain relief then applying CBD Oil is advised.

Is this product legal?

Hemp-extracted CBD is legal since it has less than or equal to 0.3 THC level. But this is not welcomed by some states and is illegal in a few areas. There are few states where Marijuana-derived CBD is legit despite its illicitness on the federal level. To cut the long thing short, it depends from state to state. So, always check the laws of the area you reside or are traveling in before you openly use them.

Can CBD Cream be applied over CBD Body Toner?

Yes, applying CBD Cream over CBD Toner won't react or show you any kind of negative result and is totally safe.

How can I use Full-Body CBD Hydrator/Toner?

This can be applied to any part of your body and can be used as an after-shave liquid, hair detangle, and toner for the entire body. From scalp to feet. You can spray this daily after bath and follow up with a good moisturizer to complete the CTM skin routine.