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CBD Oil for Pets VS Soft Chews: Which is Better?

CBD Cat Pet Treats

More than ever, CBD products for pets are becoming increasingly popular. According to research, the sale of CBD tinctures treats, and pet products containing CBD was $32 million in 2018. The same research says CBD pet products will rise to over $1 billion by 2022. 

With the explosion of CBD pet products, it has become increasingly difficult for pet owners to choose the best way to administer CBD to their four-legged friends. So, in this article, we have chosen two options pet owners contemplate when it is time to give their feline friends CBD. But, before we do that, let's establish some reasons why pet owners are buying CBD pet products,

The Benefits of CBD

  • CBD contains anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory properties, possesses cardiac benefits, stimulates appetite, and has anti-anxiety effects both on humans and animals alike. CBD interacts positively with the endocannabinoid system, the system responsible for physiological processes, including pain sensation, memory, mood, and appetite.
  • The biggest and most common benefit of CBD is in treating anxiety. Cats that are given CBD oil are said to be better able to deal with stressful situations, behave better, and are usually mellower. 
  • Also, CBD helps with pain relief especially in arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This is because CBD causes the endocannabinoid system to release feel-good neuro-chemicals. Whatever the case is, if your cat is suffering from joint pain or is chronically in pain, it may be worth looking into giving them CBD oil.
  • CBD oil is also used for boosting appetite or stimulating appetite. This is essentially helpful if your cat is suffering from chemotherapy or similar treatments. CBD will help to reduce the anxieties your cat has about the treatment, reduce their pain, and bring back their appetite – which is not bad for a single supplement. 
  • CBD also boosts the immune system of your pet. CBD is effective for dogs with seizures. 

CBD Oil for Pets and Soft Chews: What Makes these Products Different?

CBD oil and soft chews both contain CBD, a natural ingredient found in the cannabis plant. So, is there any difference? The difference between CBD oil and soft chews for pets is as glaring as night is from the day (except you are from another planet). 

CBD oil comes with a dropper that you can use to administer the precise dosage to your pet. There are two ways to administer CBD oil to your pet. You can drop the oil under their tongue or against the cheek, or you can sprinkle the oil on their food. 

It is advisable to administer CBD oil with food (especially food with high fatty content). This is because CBD is lipophilic – a fat molecule. it means that since CBD is a fat molecule, it stands to reason that CBD will dissolve in the fat content of food. So, adding CBD to food increases its solubility, and absorption, meaning that the body can absorb most of the CBD and enjoy the active effects for a longer period.

CBD oil compared with soft chews have a higher concentration of cannabidiol and other active ingredients, like, cannabinol, cannabichromene, terpenes, and flavonoids – all active ingredients from the cannabis plant that possesses healing properties – to increase the wellness benefits of CBD. And with droppers, you can achieve precise dosage. 

On the other hand, CBD soft chews are made with CBD isolates, meaning that it is 100% cannabidiol, and it contains no other cannabinoids. While your pet will get the health benefits from soft chews, and it is a convenient way to administer CBD, seeing that it contains only CBD, the effect is not as potent as with CBD oil.

Again, each chew contains a specific amount of CBD, meaning that you can’t readily adjust the dosage.

Can CBD oil and Soft Chews Be Used Together? 

Most pet owners use both soft chews and CBD oil for their cats and dogs. Some pets get their dose of CBD oil added to their meal and soft chews on occasional treats. Since CBD oil is added to meals, pet owners opt for CBD oil to use at home and soft chews for on-the-go consumption (return from vet, etc).

Dosing recommendations for CBD oil and Soft chews ensure that you get the right amount of dosage, even if you use both together.