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Now, Coffee Brings Not Just the Aroma But Healthy Perks Too! Just Add CBD.

Haven’t you yet heard about CBD Coffee? If you are new to this term then let us do some awesome revelation that can make your Coffee mugs all the more powerful and you can enjoy multiple health perks by engaging in this trending wellness regimen that has handled many disoriented body failures in such a short span. 

What is CBD Coffee?

CBD Coffee is a concoction of Caffeine infused with the CBD herb that is taken from the hemp plant. CBD has no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) value or it is present in less than 0.3% which has been proven to be a safe and healthy consumption for us. People are skeptical about CBD Coffee as it comes from the Cannabis plant family. Although both, marijuana and hemp grow on the same 'Cannabis Sativa', CBD extracted from hemp is purely therapeutic for our minds and bodies. It boosts our immunity and eases all the pains resulting from any sort of inner physical and mental disturbance. This happens because CBD has the ability to engage with the endocannabinoid system within us which through CB1 and CB2 receptors can 

 How to Prepare CBD Coffee?

There are two ways in which you can reap the benefits of this miraculous supplement. One by using the Organic CBD Coffee bags which have a slightly earthy taste since caffeine and CBD herbs are mixed as the dry forms to prepare each CBD Coffee bag.

The second method to sip CBD Coffee is by putting the CBD Oil drops into your regular cup of coffee. This one suits those who do not want to compromise on their caffeine fragrance and taste.

Cannabis background but no high! 

There is a serious concern among the potential users regarding CBD. Since it comes from a cannabis plant species, people think that it will make them feel dope but according to the proven scientific facts, CBD that comes from hemp is totally safe to consume and will not make us high. It is the rare cannabinoid out of 113 cannabinoids found on the same plant that has less than 0.3% of THC, making it purely medicinal in nature. So, if you too were assuming it to make you high, it’s time to drop the myth right away!

Unregulated but Genuine!

Despite being a big industrial market, Cannabidiol products' manufacturing's are not under any government checks. The FDA has just issued the list of what not needs to be included in the product and the manufacturers have to follow the guidelines. Still, if some brands are making fraudulent products and going against the rulebook mentioned by the FDA, you as a consumer can have a check on that by studying the COA of the concerned product. So, research well to save yourself from the trap of fraudulent Cannabidiol products. They must be prepared in clean ISO-7 labs and must come from the original and legal hemp as included in the Farm Laws of the U.S.A federal government.

Known Health Benefits of CBD Coffee

  • It fights many kinds of Chronic Pains.
  • Alleviate period cramps.
  • Ease the Muscle pains.
  • Settles down the Anxieties and Stress.
  • Treats Insomnia.
  • Heals Seizures.
  • Eases Arthritis.
  • Aids many Skin diseases.
  • Saves you from the caffeine jitters.
  • Helps during inflammation 
  • Boosts immunity

The Legal Status of CBD Coffee

According to 2018 WHO report that was discussed in the Geneva meeting- “CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.” Based on this, the federal government decided to make hemp legal and included it in the ‘Farm Laws’ of the USA.

50 states haven’t approved of CBD. Always check your state laws before beginning with CBD products. These states have refused the industrial hemp-based CBD without having an approved license by the government for the particular state.

All in all, CBD Coffee is a beautiful infusion of two healing ingredients-caffeine and Cannabinoid. Together they mingle to give us a complete harmonious living. While the rich aroma of coffee relaxes, on one hand, the therapeutic and medicinal power of CBD works in stabilizing the inner disturbances in our bodies. Certainly a must-try mood lifter!