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How to Choose CBD Oil for Dogs?

Everlasting Life CBD Oil for Dogs

The immense popularity of CBD Oil in the wellness industry of pets has left many pet owners puzzled. Even though Cannabidiol aka CBD is showing great health benefits to our furry babies, there is much that remains uncertain about this new dietary trend. How authentic and safe is it to give CBD to your pooch? Is it even legal? What should be the right method of dosing and are there any side effects?

Since there is n number of CBD Oil for Dogs floating down the pets’ wellness market, let us give you some brief tips about CBD Oil for Pets. This will not only answer all your queries about CBD but will also help you Choose the right CBD oil for your dog.

How does CBD Oil work in dogs?

Just like humans, canines have an ECS system. So, the Cannabidiol content present in the CBD Oil for dogs stimulates their endocannabinoid receptors i.e CB1 and CB2. These are present in the different areas of their bodies thereby bringing healthy effects to the various illnesses taking place in their bodies.

How safe is CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD comes from ‘Cannabis Sativa’ and is extracted from its leaves and flowers. It contains no THC (the compound that is intoxicating and is present in higher concentrations in weed or marijuana); which means Cannabidiol is purely medicinal. Moreover, this CBD extract is suffused in other oils that are beneficial for dogs and formulated as a great health supplement. So, CBD Oil for your furry friend is safe to try!

Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD is one source to curing many conditions and therefore, the study on CBD’s health-boosting effects on dogs remains to be inconclusive. However, we do have some research shreds of evidence and around 21% of the consumer data to back that Cannabidiol Oil for your furry ball might promote longevity by protecting them from allergies, diseases, and chronic pains. Keep scrolling to know deeper about these... 

  • Benefits inflammatory-related conditions - CBD is a great anti-inflammatory (1) compound and it has the power to give an ultimate therapy to all kinds of chronic pains. It has been observed that it has helped dogs suffering from ‘osteoarthritis’, and helped in curing ‘epilepsy’. Additionally, this also benefits them in dealing with skin allergies and infections which are sourced from inflammation. 
  • Boosts Immunity - Studies prove that CBD Oil for dogs can work as a superb immunomodulant agent (1) and it boosts both innate as well as adaptive immunity in them. This increases the scope of fighting many kinds of conditions even before they begin to disturb your pet’s healthy and happy living.
  • Benefits Skin - There are many skin benefits of CBD and like in human beings, the results are seen in dogs too. Because CBD can interact with the ECS, the results are a blessing for their skin. The skin’s homeostasis is maintained by the ECS and due to this, our dogs can fight itchiness and redness which are commonly seen in canines. All in all, CBD Oil for Dogs has the potential to reduce skin lesions (2) and therefore there is a lot more that can be beneficial for your pet.  
  • Calms Hyperactive Behaviors, aggression, stress, and anxiety
  • Dog health and behavior can better function with regular CBD Oil for pets. This is because CBD is a natural psychoactive medication and research (3) has shown that it reduces aggressive behavior in them. Anxiety in dogs happens the most when they hear loud noises.

    Note: CBD Oil for dogs is not meant for pups. Only adult dogs can take these and you must also note that in some exceptional cases, CBD as a drug does not suit a pet so seeing the side-effect like nausea, uneasiness, loss of appetite, or sleep, you can cease its use.

    Now that you are well armed with the knowledge of CBD Oil’s Use for Dogs, let us give you some tips on selecting the right one. We will also talk about how to administer the...

    The methodology that will help you find a perfect CBD Oil for your dog

    With the sudden increase in the trust for CBD products, its sales have gone higher and now you will find a plethora of CBD Oil for dogs. But you should be cautious while making the purchase. Follow these bits of bits of advice to avoid the wrong product.

    1. Always check the label - First of all, ensure whether the product is hemp-based or CBD-based. For treating a particular health goal or experiencing a wider health benefit, choose the one that is CBD-based. Hemp Oil for dogs is just a nutritional supplement and the scope and intensity of therapy are lesser for them.
    1. It should be Third-party tested - There is nobody that regulated its manufacturing so it becomes your duty to check the COA certificate of the CBD Oil for dogs that attract you the most.
    1. Bring awareness by visiting the FDA website - The Food and Drug Administration has given the ingredient list that are organic and legal to be infused in CBD Oils for pets. Have a quick reading about the ratios and compounds that are safe for your pet’s health.
    1. Check the potency per bottle - It has been observed that approximately 150mg to 300mg potency of CBD per bottle is safe to use.
    1. Ruling the right dose - Every brand has a different quantity and potency of CBD. Additionally, the dose differs from pet to pet depending upon the breed and weight of your dog. Generally, it is recommended that 1 pound weight needs about 0.2mg of CBD at the minimum. So, consulting your vet before beginning is wise. Also, begin with the minimum dose, and seeing the results you can make the changes.
    1. Check the presence of microbial contaminants - You must ensure that there is no trace of heavy metals, pesticides, carcinogenic mycotoxins, etcetera.
    1.  A NASC seal confirms the quality - Not that the ones without this seal are not original and trustworthy but this seal adds a stamp of confirmation to the quality of CBD Oil for dogs.
    1.  Don’t go for health claims - The brands that are 1005 claiming health gains through CBD must not be considered as the research on CBD is still open to many new findings and developments. Such claims show the lack of seriousness of the suppliers.
    1. Select an appropriate spectrum - Full, broad, and isolated spectrums of CBD Oil for dogs are available. While all are safe to consume, they might differ in showing results. That said, one specie might benefit early from an isolate CBD Oil while the other from a full spectrum CBD Oil. These differ based on the level of filtration. Take the help of a veterinarian in deciding on this.
    1. Look for a clean ISO-7 Lab manufactured product - The health supplement is supposed to be manufactured in a hygienic environment and thus, look for the one that has a stamp of ISO-7 lab manufacturing.

    Wrapping up

    It would be wrong to conclude about the CBD Oil for Dogs in a few sentences as CBD’s impact on humans and pets is still under research. While we wait for other affirmations about CBD Oil for dogs, it is not a bad idea to give it a try and see if your pooch benefits from it. There are no serious side effects of consuming them if done under an expert vet’s observation, following the correct dose, and using an original CBD product. The chances of health improvement are high!

    Hope our information helped you! Wish you furry baby healthier days ahead!

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